ACB in Vietnam Selected Futronic FS88 Fingerprint Scanner


ACB in Vietnam Selected Futronic FS88 Fingerprint Scanner

Hong Kong, 26 Jun, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Futronic Technology Co. Ltd. announced that its FS88 Fingerprint Scanner has been selected by Asia Commercial Bank for the fingerprint authentication system.

Fingerprint technology is becoming more readily accepted by financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies nowadays. Banks around the world have started to use fingerprint technology for various types of services, including internet banking login, ATM machines and so forth. Moreover, inside the banks, fingerprint identification is used to approve transactions. Asia Commercial Bank, ACB, is a popular bank in Vietnam with branches and sub-branches in more than three hundred locations all over the country. ACB installed a fingerprint authentication system in early 2011 to enhance security and increase convenience for their customers.

Asia Information and Communications Technology (AICT), a subsidiary of ACB, is the application software developer of the fingerprint authentication system used by ACB. "The fingerprint recognition algorithm and fingerprint scanner FS88 was provided by Futronic Technology Co. Ltd. Futronic FS88 was selected by us for this system because it is a reliable, economical, and FBI certified fingerprint scanner," said Mr. Tran The Nam, General Director of AICT. "The system was developed based on the requirements from ACB, and the major benefits for customers include no more filling out forms at the teller's desk, which improves working efficiency; reduced waiting time; and a higher level of security with fingerprint recognition together with the customer's ID card. The bank also benefits from this system because fingerprint recognition is a convenient way to identify a person in case of a person with an unstable signature. It can also prevent illegal transactions due to forged signatures."

"This is a very successful system for this type of application. More than 2,000 scanners were deployed to over 300 branches all over Vietnam," said Mr. Y.M. Jiang, Marketing Director of Futronic. "More than 10,000 customers of ACB have been enrolled in the system. Without reliable hardware and software products, it is not possible to achieve this level of results. We appreciate AICT and our distributor, VT Tech, developed this successful system, which demonstrates that our technology and our products are matured and valuable to customers in the financial sector. Futronic is dedicated to designing and manufacturing cost-effective fingerprint recognition hardware and software for our customers. Financial sectors are our primary focus. It is well known that this market sector requires the highest quality as well as high price performance standards. In addition to ACB, many other banks around the world use our products. This fact validates that our products are greatly accepted by this high demand market sector. Based on the experience we have gained from these successful cases, Futronic will continue to develop new products and provide reliable fingerprint recognition solutions to the demanding markets."

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