Futronic Provides Web-Enabled Fingerprint Access Control System 22 June 2007


Futronic Provides Web-Enabled Fingerprint Access Control System

22 June 2007

HONG KONG, June 22 / / - Futronic Technology Company Limited, a global provider of fingerprint recognition products, is now providing a complete Web-enable Fingerprint Access and Attendance Control System. This revolutionary series of hardware and software products completely eliminates the need of a key or PIN for entering various facilities such as office, server room, workshop and warehouse. Access will be granted by just a touch of pre-registered finger and the access log will also be stored. Fingerprint is unique and can't be forgotten, exchanged, lost or stolen so that all the access is traceable and buddy punching is not possible.

There are following system components: 1. FS20 - Low cost fingerprint access control device 2. FS21M - High end fingerprint access control device with Mifare 3. FS30 - Remote Relay Unit(RRU) 4. FS80 - USB fingerprint scanner 5. FAS - Finger Authentication Server

FS20/21M can control the electric lock directly to open the door. It can work as a standalone device for fingerprint registration and recognition and have internal memory for finger and access log storage. They can also be connected together via LAN/Internet under the control of FAS to form a large-scale access and attendance control system for multiple physical locations.

FS30 is a very useful accessory for FS20/21M to enhance security which can be put somewhere inside the facility. When access to this facility is granted to someone by FS20/21M that is installed outside of the facility, instead of FS20/21M controls the electric door lock to open the door, a signal is sent from FS20/21M to FS30 which will then open the door. This eliminates the possibility of manipulating the connection between FS20/21M and electric door lock to make unauthorized access to a secured facility.

FAS is a Futronic proprietary software running on Windows 2000/XP/2003 for controlling FS20/21M through LAN/Internet. It is running on PC as a background service with a web-based user interface which can be accessed by using standard Windows Internet Explorer(IE) on any PC connected to LAN or Internet. With a FS80, user/finger can be registered into the FAS database and be transferred to FS20/21M in various physical locations through LAN or Internet. Access log can also be transferred from every individual FS20/21M to FAS. FAS can be used to control the access permission/denial of a particular user on every connected FS20/21M.

FS20/21M, FS30, FS80 and FAS together form a convenient but highly secured fingerprint access and attendance control solution that makes remote control over internet a very simple task.

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