Futronic releases USB Biometric Smart Card Reader for Two-Factors Authentication


Futronic releases USB Biometric Smart Card Reader for Two-Factors Authentication

8 March 2006

Futronic Technology Company Limited, a global provider of fingerprint recognition hardware and software products, announces the commercial release of FS82, a USB Fingerprint Smart Card Reader. The Futronic FS82 combines optical fingerprint scanner and ISO7816 compatible smart card reader into one device in a compact enclosure of 50(W) x 73(L) x 35(H) mm. It is ready for any fingerprint authentication and smart card application in a computer.

The optical fingerprint scanner inside Futronic FS82 uses advanced CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system. With a 16x24mm finger scanning window and 480x320 pixel image resolution, it can capture an un-distorted fingerprint image into PC in 0.1 second. The illumination for finger during scanning is automatically adjusted according to fingerprint's characteristics, wet, dry, etc, to optimize the quality of the captured image. The finger scanning window is a 14mm thick crown glass prism which is much more reliable and robust than a semiconductor type fingerprint sensor.

A special electronic sensing circuit is built in Futornic FS82 for Live Finger Detection(LFD). So that only live fingers will be scanned. Fake fingers made from silicone rubber, play-doh, etc. will be all rejected.

FS82 can be used together with various Futronic's proprietary fingerprint recognition software for computer logon, identity management and E-commerce. And with the built-in ISO7816 compatible smart card reader, it is a perfect tool for Two-Factors Authentication which means to authenticate an individual by two different factors. Currently an individual is authenticated by just one factor, PIN or password, in almost all computer applications. With FS82, an individual can be authenticated by what he owns and what he carries. That is, a finger is scanned and stored in the smart card during registration. At the time of authentication, the finger of card owner is scanned and compared to the pre-stored data in the card. Futronic provides a software development kit(SDK) to do Two-Factors Authentication.

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