Fingerprint Authentication Server(FAS)

FAS is a Futronic proprietary software running on MS Windows for user and finger database management and access and attendance control. It is running on PC as a background service with a web-based user interface which can be accessed by using standard Windows Internet Explorer (IE) on any PC connected to LAN or Internet. Any ordinary computer user can start to use FAS with almost no training.

FAS is a control program via LAN or Internet for Futronic Fin'Lock FS21M. With proper network setting, Fin'locks installed at different physical locations can be controlled by one FAS in a central location. User data (including fingerprint) and access log can be transferred between FAS and every individual Fin'lock under the control of the system administrator. FAS can also control the access permission and denial of a particular user on every connected Fin'lock. The communication between FAS and Fin'lock is encrypted. Moreover, it is not necessary for the system administrator and the PC with FAS installed to be at the same place. FAS administration can be done on any PC connected to LAN or Internet by using standard Windows Internet Explorer (IE). So FAS and Fin'lock together provide a complete fingerprint access and attendance control solution that makes remote control over internet a very simple task.

Users/fingers can be registered to FAS by using the Futronic FS80 USB2.0 fingerprint scanner. Then it can receive authentication request from any FS21M connected through LAN/Internet and then return the authentication result. FAS can issue Mifare card that can access FS21M using FS26 USB2.0 Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader/Writer.

  • Authentication procedure:
    • ∎ A freshly captured fingerprint is sent from any Fin'Lock to FAS.
    • ∎ Upon receipt, FAS will match it to the database of pre-registered fingerprint and return the result(match or no match) back to the Fin'Lock.
    • ∎ The Fin'Lock will take appropriate action(access or no access) according the returned result from FAS.
    • ∎ If there is a "match", FAS will log this event: date, time, matched user ID and Fin'Lock ID(which sent the fingerprint).
  • Major features
    • ∎ It can match fingerprints sent from all connected Fin'Locks with its own user/finger database and return the result to the particular Fin'Lock.
    • ∎ Fingerprint recognition accuracy: FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2.
    • ∎ It works on MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11, 32 bit and 64 bit
    • ∎ More than one Fin'Locks can be connected to FAS through LAN or Internet to form a cluster for large scale access control application.
    • ∎ User/finger can be registered to FAS by using standard Futronic FS80 USB2.0 fingerprint scanner. Each user can register up to 3 fingers.
    • ∎ It can issue Mifare card for accessing FS21M using FS26 USB2.0 Fingerprint Mifare Card Reader/Writer.
    • ∎ All user attributes are editable by a web-based user interface through Internet Explorer(IE) from any PC in LAN or Internet.
    • ∎ Use MS-SQL 2005 Express for User/Finger and Access Log Database.
    • ∎ User/Finger database can be imported and exported.
    • ∎ User information(without fingerprint data) can also be imported and exported
    • ∎ User/Finger database can be transferred between FAS and all Fin'Locks.
    • ∎ Support up to a maximum of 99 user groups for flexible attendance control report and access permission/denial setting.
    • ∎ Access Log and attendance report in FAS can be exported to Excel and Plain Text format
    • ∎ Support 3 different attendance report(in/out setting) options for each user group:
      • - First and Last in 24 hours
      • - First in 24 hours
      • - In/Out By Sessions, in which session can be defined across mid-night
    • ∎ Access permission/denial setting that can be defined:
      • - For each Fin'lock and
      • - Per user or per user group and,
      • - For a period of days or days in every week(for example, no access for all Sat & Sun).
  • System requirements
    • ∎ MS Windows XP or higher
    • ∎ Internet Explorer
    • ∎ P4 2.4G processor or higher
    • ∎ 512MB RAM minimum
    • ∎ 200MB hard disk space minimum
    • ∎ USB port and CDROM drive